O Deiphago slyszalem same dobre opinie, ciekawy wiec bylem, czy byly to jedynie mrzonki czy cos jednak bylo na rzeczy. No i w koncu dane bylo mi sie przekonac za sprawa nowego longpleja Diablów z Kostaryki.

    Tak w zasadzie to Deiphago pochodzi z Filipin, no ale panowie wyemigrowali jakis czas temu, dzieki czemu Kostaryce przybylo 666 ton diabelstwa. "Filipino Antichristo" to ich drugi atak na narzady sluchu, przeprowadzony z maksymalnym wspomaganiem piekielnych plomieni i artyleryjskiego ostrzalu. Deiphago prowadzi depopulacje za pomoca black metalu zblizonego do Blasphemy, Conqueror czy Black Witchery lub wczesnego Sarcófago, którego cover zreszta mozna znalezc na krazku tych szalenców. Z jednej strony jest to totalnie prymitywna rzez, ale z drugiej strony - kurewsko skuteczna. Mnogosc sprzezen, niezbyt czytelne brzmienie (choc doskonale pasujace do wykonywanej przez trio muzyki) i cholernie szybkie tempa skutkuja wrazeniem, ze "Filipino Antichristo" jest jak puszka Pandory, po otworzeniu której wszystkie zarazy i plagi wychodza na swiatlo dzienne. Na pewno dzwieki z tego krazka nie przypasuja wszystkim, bo tak olbrzymia dawka chaosu definitywnie nie spelni oczekiwan wszystkich zjadaczy metalowego chleba. Jesli ktos bowiem oczekuje melodii, porzadku czy logiki - bedzie zawiedziony. Chaos jaki tworza Filipinczycy przeznaczony jest dla najbardziej zwichnietych metalowych umyslów. To jest naprawde ekstremalne.

    "Filipino Antichristo" emanuje potezna dawka jadu i okrucienstwa przebranego w metalowy halas na wysokim poziomie. Jesli myslicie, ze dacie rade zmierzyc sie z ta bestia, siegnijcie po najnowsza propozycje Deiphago.
    Ocena: 8,75/10


    Hands down the most primal fucking release I've encountered in ages, DEIPHAGO's "Filipino Antichrist" ignores silly shit like melody, production and structure and instead attempts to violently behead those brave enough to listen to its eleven bestial tracks. Aside from the sampled intro and outro tracks, "Filipino Antichrist" is relentless in its assault. Chaos reigns supreme and Satan himself jumps in the pit as abrasive guitars collide with rapid-fire drums in a way that's nearly indecipherable, yet strangely addictive. I don't know what it is about this disc. Maybe it's the notion that this is the sonic equivalent to the world's fiery end, or maybe it's the way that this trio uses everything we've ever learned about music as hellhound fodder, but something about "Filipino Antichrist" makes resistance futile. Chalk it up to demonic possession, I suppose.

    Though his four-stringer is all but inaudible in the mix, bassist/vocalist Voltaire 666 is the venom that poisons the soul of anyone within earshot. There are very few human qualities about Voltaire's demonic voice, though he does manage to squeeze in a few discernable moments here and there, most notably on the cover of SARCOFAGO's "Hate". Otherwise, the dude delivers the demented and vehement voice of hell itself. His ghost-like whispering on "Subliminal Satan" serves as one of the albums most chilling moments.

    I need to take a moment to clarify something. When I mentioned that the mix featured little to no bass (save for the solo that starts off the title track), I think mix might not have been the right word. There really is no 'mix,' per say, on this album; just three musicians using pain-inducing volume to pledge their allegiance to the unholy one. The vocals are bumped up a notch or two, but the guitars and drums spend a majority of the album's 29 minutes locked in a chaotic battle to the death. Don't dive into this looking for riffs or hooks to latch onto; nothing but utter fucking mayhem and it works incredibly well. I'm typically a little turned off by a production this raw, but DEIPHAGO managed to grab me here. It's the intensity and power behind the maelstrom that makes "Filipino Antichrist" such a charmer. Fans of early BEHERIT, IMPALED NAZARENE and SARCOFAGO, or those of you who just hate everything under the sun, would be wise to add this one to your collection.
    Rating: 7 / 10
    - Ryan Ogle

    Pick of the month: January
    War hungry demonic bastards.

    I love this label - Hell's Headbangers out of Ohio. Always bringing the noise and bringing the fuck it all metal black punk onslaught. Check out their website if you're into that sorta business. This DEIPHAGO album is as usual awesome and fits perfectly on their roster. South Asian Satanic Metal around since 1989(!) according to their home page. Manic and beautiful shit trash production that I've loved so much since way back from the early SODOM and HELLHAMMER demos. Blasting inferno drums reminding me of a more chaotic KRISIUN circa "Unmerciful Order" (if that's even possible) and they never let up, I mean never. Well maybe they let up for a bit in the intro to the title track which is the soundtrack of reloading guns and sharpening blades.

    This record is waaaaay fucked up and amazing, it makes me want to really damage and ruin someone's life and I'm almost positive that's what they want me to do. Chaos is the key word here and I may use it more than once so don't get all collegiate on me. This record is abundant with echoed out evil vocals leading the pack of war hungry demonic bastards, and not in that weak ass later 90's black metal way; this is much deeper, raspy and more murderous. Pissed off dive bombing guitar leads fumigate the cafeteria and poison your blood with complete mass hysteria. This is pure full out hatred and torture that you either love or hate. If you love it, it makes your skin crawl and your hair stand on end. The same way you feel right before and during a real good fistfight. Absolutely relentless. Relentless! For fans of the aforementioned groups and greats like SARCOFAGO, who they cover here with the tune "Hate". This does not belong on compact disc; cassette or vinyl is the best and only way to hear something this cult.
    rating: 5/5 - Mike IX (EYEHATEGOD, OUTLAW ORDER)


    Wow. Honestly, Filipino Antichrist is not so simply put, one of the most insanely destructive sounding explosions of blasphemy and filth I've ever heard. It's utterly and completely depraved sounding. The music is roughly black war metal in concept, but it makes even the most hardened bands of bullet-belted Satanists sound like pussified versions of Sonata Arctica and Rhapsody. Sub-nonexistent production values are taken a step even further towards Hell itself creating the effect of the band having recorded the album 40 yards away from a single microphone, and not one of those fancy microphones either mind you. Vocalist Voltaire 666 sounds positively possessed; spewing hatred and vile proclamations of unholy perversion while the guitar hammers out heinous and nearly indecipherable riffs over what almost seems like a continuous snare drum roll. Words really fail to accurately describe the all together uncompromising sonic chaos this band creates. Generally speaking, this should all make for a terrible album, and to be honest, 8 out of 10 people who hear it are immediately going to want to stab themselves in the brain, but for some reason Filipino Antichrist is both compelling and endearing in its abject nihilism. It is a bit unfortunate that the best song on the album ("Hate") is a cover (Sarcófago), but Deiphago tear the shit out of it, and when Voltaire screams "I HATE HATE HATE HATE" you fucking believe him.
    Rating: 3.5 / 5
    Reviewer: J. A. Burt
    February 26, 2010


    I've got an uncle who's a tremendous Scotch drinker. He once commented on a bottle of Laphroaig somebody had given me as a gift. "That's good Scotch," he said, "but the peat flavor isn't as strong as I like. I like Scotch that tastes like iodine." It's not surprising that a Scotch connoisseur would fixate on a taste that non-fans would find repulsive. That's a trait common to aficionados. You lay claim to something by loving it in a way other people couldn't.

    If metal has the equivalent of Scotch that tastes like iodine, it's stuff like Deiphago's Filipino Antichrist (Hells Headbangers, 2009). Deiphago have been described as bestial black metal, a term that encompasses bands like Bestial Warlust, Blasphemy (Can), Archgoat, and Beherit. Traits of the pseudo-genre include messy song structures, riffs that pull from death or grind, and huge inkpots of reverb. When people criticize bestial bands, they proclaim them willfully inaccessible or content-less. When people praise bestial bands, they highlight their intensity and honesty. The music has no commercial prospects. While it's easy to make music that sounds like a mess, it's much harder to make an interesting mess.

    Deiphago have only put out two full-lengths, but they've been around since 1989, which makes them older than most second-wave black metal. Their first full-length, Satanik Eon (Morbid Moon, 2006) was endorsed by Blasphemy's Ross Bay Cult label, thereby granting them considerable street cred. The band's worldview is uncompromising. They hate songs about forests, and black metal that strives for accessibility. They like Sarcofago, chaos, and Satan.

    Filipino Antichrist makes most other metal sound restrained. It cues up with a majestic intro like an old Godzilla movie, then turns into a garbage truck. There are songs, but they're mostly buried in feedback. Vocals are roared or screamed, with no time for anguish. Guitar solos are obnoxious skronk, hurling themselves out of the shadows just to die at your feet. Lyrics have the brilliant simplicity of football chants: "Sex for Satan / Chanting prayers / Summon the Beast"; "We are the vengeance/ We are death." The closest thing to a straight song is the Sarcofago cover "Hate," which opens with the sound of the lead singer machine-gunning a crowd, then launches into a summation of the album's purpose: "I hate my enemies / I hate my friends /... I hate to hate."

    I like this because it's an acquired taste. This barely controlled racket appeals to my reptile brain. It's overwhelming, mean, and sounds like shit. In other words, it's good Scotch.
    by Anthony Abboreno


    At first I'd planned on breaking this album down track by track, like I traditionally do with reviews for this here site, but sweet mother of all things unholy, I'm not even sure if there are actually any songs to distinguish from on Deiphago's Filipino Antichrist. There are, of course, actual songs on this album, but they are buried beneath ten to fifteen layers of reverb, static, shrieks, clashing drums and Satan's ball sweat.

    Often labeled as bestial black metal, there's a great deal more to this album than any one musical label can successfully rein in. These guys, going on 20 years as a band apparently, deliver cacophonous black metal with heavy doses of grind and death at levels of furious hatred that I've never encountered before. And, I like it!

    Upon the first couple of listens to Filipino Antichrist I was left dazed, confused and ready to toss this one aside and move on, but something called me back over and over. From the dramatic, layered opening intro track to the unstructured blasting drums of just about every song to the vicious vocals (shrieks, gurgles, growls and howls), this album is an amazing amalgam of everything extreme in metal.

    It's hard to pick out any standout songs as they all have something, or several somethings for that matter, that will call out to those looking for a bit more from their underground metal. This album is chaotic. It's ferocious. It's so completely off the wall intense that you're sure to fall for its clashing battle of instruments and shrieks in no time. For those of you, like myself, that are uninitiated in the ways of Deiphago take heed - have a friend at the ready with a straight jacket upon your first listen. It's going to be a blasphemous mind fuck if ever there was one.

    All hail Satan!


    Every once in a while, a record comes along that manages to fulfil the promise of its title perfectly. Deiphago come blasting out of the Philippines with enough thermonuclear aggression and eye-popping brutality that should any of the country's several million devout Catholic inhabitants happen to stray within earshot of whatever dank hole they use as a rehearsal space, there's a strong chance that thoughts might well turn towards Satanic armageddon.

    Having been quietly on the go since 1991 and with Hell's Headbangers covering distribution for this one, the sheer violence the group displays on this album is hard to convey.

    The bands that are have managed to provide the most unrelenting examples of Black/Death metal in the past year years would certainly be in fine company here. Revenge and Conqueror are perhaps some of the few examples that could hold a candle to the speed, filth and rage that is brought to the table here. The mix itself is as rough as a badger's arse, with opener proper 'Christ Eater' highlighting how the band seems to have set up with the drums given absolute primacy in the mix department. Occasionally, people question if the blastbeat has been done to death in this style of metal, but the whithering hail of blows landed on the drumkit over the 29 minutes of this album should put that point to bed for good. Backed up with bizarre outbreaks of mocking guitar solo's and a constant snarl of roaring guitar, the militaristic power of this group's drummer is beyond all question.

    When the guitar does burst out of the sonic cocoon that the drums have it kept in for the majority of the album, such during the stand-alone riffery of 'Satan, Semen and Blood', it's caked in a lair of matted disortion so loathesome it's almost hard to discern. The vocals are as vicious as they come, soaring into an almost joyful shriek as the most unhinged parts of the albums crash out of the speakers.Track after track, blast follows roll follows blast, the record just keeps coming with all the single-minded fury of a dying bull.

    Stepping back for a moment, it's worthwhile looking at the sole style change they do offer. Things only happen to slow down during the albums concluding title track, which offers what's roundly an unnecessary section of picked guitar and semi-coherent vocals, before launching into the assault again. This one section unfortunately reveals the group's weakness, a lack of real class evident in their inability marry the slower pace with their mainstay of volcanic aggression.

    However, the impression is that this bunch laugh in the face of any real form of subtlety, and the job is already done by that stage. They know what they do best, and they do it very, very well. 2009 looks like having a late but great contender in the 'Most Unholy Bastard of an Album' category.
    3.7 / 5 - Lorcan Archer ::: 08/12/09

    Tanin'iver Zine

    Twenty years of virgin violations and Deiphago are still performing their blasphemous rituals? Hell yeah. Since 1989, these Filipinos have been breathing fire (literally) and writing black metal songs too warped for those used to listening to whatever polished and painted up wannabes some trendy metal site claims is grim as Lucifer's diarrhea. Primitive and tyrannous, "Filipino Antichrist" is the vaccine to Christians shoving their beliefs down your throat. Why not try strapping an x-tian to a chair and blasting some Deiphago so loud that even your own ears start to tear from the force? That'll teach those annoying Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses from knocking on your door during your mid-week, black mass chicken sacrifice.

    Short and cacophonic, "Christ Eater" pulls you out of your seat, into the front row of a live massacre. With the rawness of a concert, the recording is perfect for Deiphago's fanatical war black metal. You can almost smell the venue and feel the body-heat of other headbanging, horn-displaying metalheads. Listening to "Filipino Antichrist" wears you out in a good way, like after seeing an amazing show. Another great track, "Storming Chaos" has such a fitting title. The music is again drastic and mind-ripping, the vocals transforming from needing some Zyprexa to choking down a cocktail of antipsychotics. They're gutting shouts from Voltaire 666 combined with his gasoline screams. As for the instruments, Sidapa's guitars are anything but easily digestible and melodic while Devastator's rapid-fire drumming sounds like he's possessed by a hantu demon. With a name like "Satan, Semen and Blood," I just have to write about this Costa Rican landslide (since they've since moved to this beach resort of a country. They must love pissing off Catholics). The only way to describe it is sheer chaos without structure, but a damn good slice of bestial terror.

    To the unseasoned, this probably sounds like a nightmare; which is what makes "Filipino Antichrist" all the better. Only "Satan, Semen and Blood" and the title-track go over three minutes, the rest about two minute fragments of a 30-minute, heroine fueled knife fight.

    Deiphago may have covered Beherit, Bulldozer, Hellhammer, Nuctemeron (obscure 80's death metal from Poland), Sarcofago, Sodom and Von, but these Asian Ahriman's still have their own, fortified sound. Deiphago are the great equalizer and if you can't stand the noise terrorism, go masturbate to some "Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder." Your standard jewelcase with metallic gold print, a twelve page booklet featuring a chimerical, sea-faring monstrosity on the cover, can be found at Hell's Headbangers www.hellsheadbangers.com along with four other versions, one being a "die-hard edition" with "111 hand-numbered copies on colored vinyl w/: back patch, poster, gatefold jacket, printed inner sleeve." Now go forth and BUY.


    We remembered asking CYCLONUS SERPENTIIS of Filipino Black Metal band KAMBING about DEIPHAGO back in 1999. DEIPHAGO was at that time plauged with line-up problem. They are Filipino oldest Black Metal band spawned in 1989 but has now relocated to COSTA RICA.

    DEIPHAGO is all about Black 'fuckin' Metal. Their music is a sheer reflection of hell - chaos, primitive, raw, ultra-fast and dirty. Short and straight to the face ! No compromise ! There are 11 tracks here with intro and outro. Musicwise, Finnish Black Metal bands might come to mind like early works from BEHERIT and IMPALED NAZARENE. It will be a total blasphemy if we don't mention BLASPHEMY (Can) here. But "Filipino Antichrist" stands on its own. This is DEIPHAGO ! This is BLACK METAL ! This is KULT !

    To sum everythings up, we leave you with some remarkable words put out by OPYROS of NAZGUL'S EYRIE PRODUCTION (now BARBARIAN WRATH RECORDS) in the sleeve of "The Nazgul's Hoard" comp-CD that reads - "... the scene is ruled by homosexual scum and people are led to believe that sweet kindagarten melodies and a female backing vocalist make what those little idiots still dare call 'Black Metal'. If you want 'Black Metal' to stay obscure, raw, brutal, perverted, bizzare and above all unaccepted by the brainless masses, you are our natural ally and you should join us in our war against all those subhuman faggots outhere ! ..."


    If the underground Metal world had their own "awards" show then Deiphago would most defintly win for the most primitive, chaotic release of 2009 hands down. 11 tracks (including a great Sarcofago cover) of old-school Blackend Thrash with hints of War Metal brutality. Scratchy, noisy guitar riffs and chaotic no holds barred drumming and harsh inhuman vocals screams and screeches spew out the insane lyrics. Fans of the more over-done, polished Metal of the current scene will hate Deiphago but fans of early Blackend War Thrash Metal like Beherit, Sarcofago, Archgoat or miss the days of rehearsal demo's and tape-trading get Deiphago and they will take you back to a time when Metal (no matter the genre) was more chaotic and disturbing.
    Review by: Patrick Schroeder.


    Wow. I think I just got run over by a high speed train. Then it backed up and did it again. And again. Apparently Deiphago have been around for 20 years, but this is my first exposure to them. When I saw the title Filipino Antichrist, I figured I was in for a hell of a ride; that's putting it mildly. Deiphago play some very brutal, chaotic and fast Black Metal that's cacophonic as hell - there's nothing remotely "pleasant" here, and it's perfect to empty your house if you think the party has lasted long enough. Gotta love it.

    To the untrained ear, this sound like a fucking mess - there's no other way to put it. Even some seasoned extreme metal listeners will think this is too much. Completely insane vocals, ranging from barked screams to hellish, haunting screams that just rip through the speakers join in to make this musical onslaught even more demented. The outro reminds me a little bit of the "threatening" music when things are about to get nasty in the game Gears of War. Beautiful - and by a few million light years the most quiet thing on this album. Other than that, it's just a very fast amalgamation of guitars and drums that do not always feel like they're aware of each other, yet somehow they make it work. The production is rather raw and thin, and you'll have to pay attention to catch a few short solos here and there - they go by quickly and quietly amidst the incessant chaos.

    Definitely not for everyone, Filipino Antichrist is the perfect soundtrack when you need to let off some steam. At 29:38 some will say it's a bit on the short side, but, really, could you survive more of this in one sitting?
    Rating: 3.75 /5
    Reviewed by: Michel Renaud


    I'm gonna admit it, what initially drew me to even bothering to check out this band was the title Filipino Antichrist. Whether you're down with the supposedly evil side of this statement or, like me, thought such a declaration to be awesome in its hilariousness, you have to admit it's an eye-catcher that makes this latest work from this little band of little dudes from the Philippines (since relocated to Costa Rica, of all places) stand out.

    If you're looking for a sweet musical ride, then you're definitely come to the wrong place. Deiphago has been around for almost 20 years now and a more cynical, less forgiving me would probably chastise them for sounding like the bowels of hell opening up and having Hades' archangels and demons chase me down a south side Chicago alleyway, or at least having not entirely learned the first thing about their instruments lo these many years, but my personal life has taken a few hits over the past couple of weeks and random passers-by should count their lucky stars I've been able to sublimate my anger through the unexpected calming influence "Christ Eater," "Satan, Semen and Blood" and "Satanic Metal" provide. It's like there are guitars, bass, drums and vocals, but I don't really hear any discernible guitar riffs, though guitarist Sidapa constructs the most atonal leads you'll ever hear, the drums are seemingly random scattershots of violent mayhem. I don't actually hear any bass, but there are vocals and Voltaire 666 comes across like the only man living in Costa Rica who's pissed off at the opportunity to go to the beach and swim in the ocean everyday.

    Overall, this banshee-stabbing outfit are the Satanic missing link between John Zorn's Painkiller and Portal, only with 137% more virgin violation and angel rape to their theoretical credit. And hey, if you're not feeling particularly like cuddling with hell's servants, this can effectively be used to clear out any lingering party guests and family members who won't take the hint to get out, especially come Christmas time.
    Rating: 7.5 /10
    By Kevin Stewart-Panko


    The heinous vapors barely subsided since three years from what the amount of sonic firepower damage of DEIPHAGO's "Satanik Eon" has left for the brittle underground masses! Now glorifying the band's two decades of steadfast Satanic Black Metal, 2k9 will now see "Filipino Anti-Christ" as the ultimate revelation bound to humiliate the perpetrators who collectively thinks that the easiest way enroute to their "Fago Metal" caravan is to out-bestial each other. This album simply peels the skin of the word "anti-thesis" by its definition & mouth-gag it with a new meaning, silencing all hope to streamline Black Metal to its emancipated rawness. For DEIPHAGO, filthiness, barbarity are something that is boundless & immeasurable therefore, "Filipino Anti-Christ" was not intended to raise the bar of Bestial Death/Black Metal but shall INSTEAD annihilates this so-called bar that attempts to standardize & level everything. Putting their name in blood to each of their composition, piece by piece, the 11 tracks (intro + outro included) defoliates expectation as it indomitably hammer-fucks the throes created by bestial-revivalism moroseness of today with "Christ Eater", "Storming Chaos", "Command Destruct", "Satanic Metal" & "Satan, Semen & Blood". V666 stentorian predatory-roars are naturally piercing & contra-passive on his version of SARCOFAGO's "Hate" & whisper-hissed loud-hailer of "Subliminal Satan". Sidapa as expected, stamps his guitar diadems with a multi-layering of chaotic-strums along with death-plucks that creates "calm before the storm" aura before unleashing the violent haze of the song "Filipino Anti-Christ". Nothing much to be said about their new recruit Devastator whose goat-envenomed performance behind the drum cage is something that was worth delivering as the album of this scale demands it. "Filipino Anti-Christ" is a paragon album best expressed in necro-analog, its post-production crushes all that instigate posing Black Metal kult under a digitized recording. It is time Hells Headbangers Rex to complete its task that will set loose the lion-serpent of Satan which is the seal of the Filipino Anti-Christ! A release destined to end all releases in 2k9. by Cyclonus Serpentiis

    In Dark Purity 'Zine

    "Filipino Antichrist" is their second full length record and it marks the 20th year of the beast. It features eleven songs that plays for twenty nine minutes. It includes an intro, a cover of "Hate" by Sarcofago, and an outro. It is released in different formats, like how Satan is called in different names. It comes in jewel case CD, digipack CD, black vinyl LP, die hard fire splatter vinyl LP, and picture disc vinyl LP with different versions of the cover artwork by Sickness 666, Daniel Desecrator, and Joe Petagno. There are additional artwork by local Satanic hordes, Necronos and Cyclonus Serpentiis. It kills and destroys everything that they have released. I don't even want to listen to the old material anymore. This is their definitive record. Deiphago in it's purity. I feel like I was cast into a lake of fire and brimstone. It's fucking brutal. Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again. Only to be killed by Deiphago! "Mga Putang Ina Nyo!" Mandatory.
    by Alexander Dela Cruz


    Oh goodness me. How on Earth do I balance out the cries of the deep deep underground against the virtues of what I deem to be good taste? I will be disappointing one party just be writing this review because the noise that Filipino 'bestial' black metallers Deiphago dish out is so unrestrained and unhealthy all of you out there will hate it; yet great magazines like Zero Tolerance was recently awarded Deiphago with 'Album of the Issue'. Ultimately I will have to disappoint fabled underground warriors like the fervent Nathan T Birk of that glorious magazine and say what my heart feels: "Filipino Antichrist" is plainly ridiculous (and not in the good way either).

    By making the forthcoming claims I am inviting the hatred of all those who worship at the Blasphemy and Sarcofago-spired altars of 'bestial black metal' - surely the most extreme faction of the black metal genre and therefore by rights, all of music. Yes one can see how this is almost good - it is so extreme, so OTT in it's attempts at saying 'fuck you' to everything that Voltaire 666, Sidapa and Devastator almost seem quite endearing to me. But let's be honest: "Filipino Antichrist" is crap. Mr Birk and others champions of this kind of metal may love it at first but I would be surprised if anyone could detract any long-term virtues from a record like this given any lack of depth underneath the assaulting barrage of drums and noise.

    Save for the sampled intro and outro, the other 9 tracks bulldoze past in around 27 minutes leaving nothing standing in it's wake, pleasing only those who like to know that they are listening to the most extreme band on the face of the Earth. The sad fact is that all of the proper songs sound identical to each other - a haze of distorted screams, machine gun drumming and guitar sounds that are just a muddy blurr (no seriously, where are the riffs?!?). The few can argue to me day and night that this all sounds 'evil' and whatnot, and while it certainly sounds dark, any pretenses of evil simply cannot be gleaned when one cannot fathom what the fuck is going in amidst the racket of songs like "Christ Eater" and "Satan, Semen And Blood".

    I bet Deiphago and their fellow bestial warriors will simply claim me as unworthy and not kvlt enough for "Filipino Antichrist" but really, there is a limit to what can be claimed as artistically successful even by BM standards, and that finished with Darkthrone's seminal "Transilvanian Hunger". With nothing approaching 'listenable' till the final proper track I am forced to rate the album on what can actually be discerned from the fetid explosion that is also known as "Filipino Antichrist", and that gives me very little opportunity indeed.
    2 /10
    by Ellis Woolley (EW)