• TERRORIZER #191 - December 2009


    'Filipino Antichrist'

    Looking at the strand of black metal sired by the Sarcofago/Blasphemy/Beherit axis that views elements such as melody and restraint as something to be chewed up and spat out mercilessly, bands such as Black Witchery have taken the style and form and moulded it into a seamless, breathless cacophony of rage to the point where it has sometimes been hard to see how to go forward. Until now.

    It's safe to say that this trio of Filipino Antichrists can raise their (spiked) fists in the air and lay claim to making their mark on extreme metal. Giving sheer industrial noise a run for the amount of overwhelming, crushing power on offer, adjectives such as 'bestial' and 'punishing' don't come close to describing the twenty-nine minutes of bludgeoning aural holocaust contained herein. However enticing 'Satanik Eon' may have been, three years has transformed the band from a highly capable outfit into, as one of their split EP aptly inferred, 'Gods Of Holocaust'.