April 2012 e.v.


The 3rd Assault!!! Prepare for Extermination!!! Deiphago continues to obliterate the posers and trendies by further defining their own style of Chaotic Satanic Metal!!!

Release Date: 14 August 2012

Experiencing DEIPHAGO is like diving into the mouth of hell. On their third LP, “Satan Alpha Omega,” the Filipino power-trio open that maw even wider, swallowing whole the listener within their sulfurous storm. Heaving with horrific intensity, DEIPHAGO blast forth with nine hateful hymns bursting with vortextural riffing, mind-melted solos, decimated (and decimating) drums, and poisonous tongues exalting the devil in all his forms. If their previous two albums redefined black metalled violence, “Satan Alpha Omega” shall wipe the slate clean!

official tracklist:

01 Intro: Extermination
02 Human Race Absolute End
03 Heretic Oath
04 Plague And Satan Triumphant
05 Exalted Hate
06 Satan Mongers
07 Atrocities Absurdities
08 Crucifixation
09 Demonic Munitions
10 Satan Alpha Omega
11 Outro

Total playing time: 00:37:36:08

Listen to samples at HHR Bandcamp page