23rd October 2009 e.v.

... for all you magazine maniak readers, get ahold of issue #031 of Zero Tolerance where DEIPHAGO is the main feature in the Underground Black Metal section! Support the mag! BUY OR DIE!

September 2009 e.v.

Advanced copies were sent to select magazines and zines and with great pride we announce that the 2nd album "Filipino Antichrist" was chosen as the RELEASE OF THE ISSUE for UK based magazine ZERO TOLERANCE!

by Nathan T. Birk
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by Cyclonus Serpentiis
The heinous vapors barely subsided since three years from what the amount of sonic firepower damage of DEIPHAGO’s “Satanik Eon” has left for the brittle underground masses! Now glorifying the band’s two decades of steadfast Satanic Black Metal, 2k9 will now see “Filipino Anti-Christ” as the ultimate revelation bound to humiliate the perpetrators who collectively thinks that the easiest way enroute to their “Fago Metal” caravan is to out-bestial each other. This album simply peels the skin of the word “anti-thesis” by its definition & mouth-gag it with a new meaning, silencing all hope to streamline Black Metal to its emancipated rawness. For DEIPHAGO, filthiness, barbarity are something that is boundless & immeasurable therefore, “Filipino Anti-Christ” was not intended to raise the bar of Bestial Death/Black Metal but shall INSTEAD annihilates this so-called bar that attempts to standardize & level everything. Putting their name in blood to each of their composition, piece by piece, the 11 tracks (intro + outro included) defoliates expectation as it indomitably hammer-fucks the throes created by bestial-revivalism moroseness of today with “Christ Eater”, “Storming Chaos”, “Command Destruct”, "Satanic Metal” & “Satan, Semen & Blood”. V666 stentorian predatory-roars are naturally piercing & contra-passive on his version of SARCOFAGO’s “Hate” & whisper-hissed loud-hailer of “Subliminal Satan”. Sidapa as expected, stamps his guitar diadems with a multi-layering of chaotic-strums along with death-plucks that creates “calm before the storm” aura before unleashing the violent haze of the song “Filipino Anti-Christ”. Nothing much to be said about their new recruit Devastator whose goat-envenomed performance behind the drum cage is something that was worth delivering as the album of this scale demands it. “Filipino Anti-Christ” is a paragon album best expressed in necro-analog, its post-production crushes all that instigate posing Black Metal kult under a digitized recording. It is time Hells Headbangers Rex to complete its task that will set loose the lion-serpent of Satan which is the seal of the Filipino Anti-Christ! A release destined to end all releases in 2k9.

July 2009 e.v.


All recordings for the 2nd devastation are finished! "This recording doesn't fake any physicality like so many 'modern', all-digital recordings!... FEEL the torrential violence!"

Final tracklisting is as follows:

01. Intro: Annihilation
02. Christ Eater
03. Articles of Death
04. Storming Chaos
05. Command Destruct
06. Subliminal Satan
07. Satanic Metal
08. Hate (Sarcofago cover)
09. Satan, Semen and Blood
10. Filipino Antichrist
11. Outro

Hells Headbangers Records will be unleashing the digi/jewel CD versions on August and all VINYL formats on September!!!

Three audial tortures from the album can be previewed HERE!!!

"The record's utterly barbaric w/o falling on anything remotely close to cliche 'bestial' - rather, it is just a BEAST" - N.T. Birk, Zero Tolerance mag

April 2009 e.v.


Hellish alliances are made and now we announce that Deiphago has joined the ranks of Hells Headbangers Records! Get ready to be destroyed the second time as "Filipino Antichrist" nears it's completion! This record vows to annihilate all the pretenders and poser bands in the scene!

To exalt further this release and our 20 years of Chaos, the artwork will be done by renowned artist Joe "Motorhead" Petagno! Expect this beast to be unleashed by Summer 2009!


January 2009 e.v.

20 YEARS OF CHAOS!!! (1989 - 2009)

It has been 20 fucking years of pure underground chaos! To revel this fucking year, Deiphago will re-release demo 1991 on ultra limited 7"! Also set is a complete re-recording of demo 1993, retitled to "93" for another 7" release! And finally to crush all pretenders, the 2nd album "Filipino Antichrist" will be unleashed late this year! Expect another lesson in extreme chaotic devastation!

Attacks for 2009:

- Filipino Antichrist (2nd album): CD/LP - label TBA
- 93 : 7" - Hells Headbangers, USA
- Demo 1991: 7" - label TBA
- Tribute to Profanatica: LP - Hells Headbangers, USA

Deiphago also announces the arrival of new bestial hellpounder to it's fold - Devastator!