December 2007 e.v.

Fuck you Jesus Christ!
Releases section (Murder) now updated with new abominations for 2008!

August 2007 e.v.

Annihilating the masses! Deiphago continues to propagate Satan as we invade this month's Metal Maniacs (October 2007) with a bestial feature interview done by Nathan T. Birk. (on sale 8.21.07)

"One Of Those Records Too Late For Top 10 Contention Because Maniacs Makes Us Submit Top 10s In October. Definitely on its way to “classic” status. " - Metal Maniacs, October 2007 issue.

July 2007 e.v.

Impaling Trendies! Deiphago is featured in the July/August issue (# 018) of Zero Tolerance mag (UK) in the "Underground Black Metal" section ...A review of "Satanik Eon" has also been published on the pages of the latest issue (# 25) of S.O.D. mag and was rated 9/10 skulls!

"The record’s quickly become a modern classic in its quest for the ultimate in smothering sickness and absolutely feral frequency. You don’t just listen to the record, you submit to it – bestial with a capital B." - Zero Tolerance, Jul/Aug 2007.

For Central/ South American maniaks, Deiphago will be desekrating the stage once again with the "tribute to Sarcofago" concert on July 28, 2007 on Sand Live, San Pedro, Costa Rica.

May 2007 e.v.

Unleashed in vinyl format, with totally different layout than CD version. Limited edition of 666 copies, 415 units on clear vinyl and 241 units on infernal black wax, comes with insert!!!

Only mailorders and wholesales will be done for the moment.
Contact Morbid Moon Records for details..

Deiphago "Satanik Eon" shirts are also now available through Morbid Moon records.
Click here to see the design.

February 2007 e.v.

"Satanik Eon" continues to spread like the plague that it is. New reviews up now.

The 1st pressing limited cd version can still be obtained from any of the following desecrators,
while copies last :