• Rapeslay of the Virgin Mary (Demo 2006)

    Black Apocalypse 'zine (Philippines)

    The true progenitors of Filipino Cult Black Metal returns with a teaser in the form of their promo ’06. A superior prelude to their upcoming long awaited debut release Satanik Eon! In all these years the demonic horde of Deiphago has laid silent neither undormant to the so-called scene. With this audio attack, many mouths should be silenced, for it is a true testament of what V666 has forged for Deiphago! Since their doom embryonic lineage to folk filth injected transition, I have rallied behind their left hand path of infamy! Deiphago “promo 2006” is an ironfist fucking the face of christ! Steelclad knuckles spiked with rusted 6” nails blitz thrusting in the mouth especially the ears! Long gone and shed proudly are the funeral doom dirges of old. It is the nekroholocaust barbwire flagellation violence conjuring up massive bloodshed spilling which is displayed on the first track “Death to Everything”. In the latter two hellhymns where much wrathfueled charisma surfaces, focusing on “Angel Rapeslay”, unforgiving deathsaw guitar masturbation by Sidapa, sounds like corrugated roofing being torn apart by bestial hellstorms. Relentless skinpounding madness in the drum section hammered by Nazgul, truly a bout of chaos perversion. Melding all strengths from tracks one and two is the closer “Sacrifice for Satan”, it is barbaric and masochistic at the same breath, just raw nuclear bombardment merciless in delivery, bleeding with blackblood conviction. Ravenous vociferations of murder, echoing sadistic hellroars, purely infernal hails for Satan. Thru the years V666 the “esophagus of death” remained to form, who also now wields sonic low end bulldozers. The totality of Deiphago’s attack is one of grim and of olden origins, likened to an amphetamine overdosed blackened thrash. This wouldn’t destroy with a clean sound, so salutes to this balanced superior raw production. Overall my lust obtaining the full length magnified 666 times and I rabidly anticipate for the “Satanic Eon”!

    Trident Nation Fanzine 6/27/06 a.y.p.s. (Philippines)
    Cyclonus Serpentiis

    What shall soon be incarnated through "Satanik Eon", DEIPHAGO's first full lenght album since they left for obscurity & dead air silence wayback '98 is this beastly prelude to their crowning black devotion being the heralds of the Fil-Black Metal elite. Three tracks of its pre-album version breathing the devil's ammunition into the womb of the blessed whore. Vehement guitar vassals of Satanic genocide acting as a curtain for the harrowing vokillz for human hatred on "Death to Everything" & "Sacrifice for Satan". "Rapeslay of the Virgin Mary" (re-titled "AngelRapeslay" in upcoming debut "Satanik Eon") sets everything that defines the DEIPHAGO formulation & agenda is all about. Years can claw something significant out from the band. I mean, the soul in discontinuing what you consider as vocation or whatever the hammer of time could possibly pound on but, this is Black fucking Metal. It stays in DEIPHAGO, remained burning in the soul way beyond perception that it is not a music to be enjoyed nor an "art" to be pondered upon by the feeble masses.

    Craneometal (Costa Rica)
    Roberto Morales

    A manera de adelanto, presento esta nota sobre el PROMO CD-Rapeslay of the Virgin Mary, que Deiphago hace circular a prensa y promotores. Conozcan esta banda legendaria de Filipinas, y preparense para su primer CD distribuido en Costa Rica, Satanik EON (programado para este mes de julio). El Promo CD cuenta con tres piezas: 1-Death to everything 2-Rapeslay of the Virgin Mary (Angel rapeslay) 3-Sacrifice for Satan. Todas a ser incluidas en el CD Satanik EON. Lo primero que ocupan saber, es que Deiphago es una banda de old school Black Satanik Metal, y en este disco, arremeten con un sonido áspero, que mezcla la artesanía digital, con un núcleo básico, repetitivo y estresante. Crean una atmósfera oscura, que combina con las letras de sus canciones, de corte satanista. Es un disco malévolo, cada canción con su propio climax, insostenible para el oyente, que incita a la violencia, la blasfemia y el odio más profundo contra lo sacrosanto. Muy recomendable para los admiradores de vieja escuela del metal noruego, al estilo Mayhem. No esperen encontrar complejas melodías y uso de diferentes instrumentos, propios del black metal actual. V666 lleva el peso de la melodía, con bajo y voz, que complementa Sidapa, todo un virtuoso en las artes malignas de la guitarra Black. El tico Nazgul proporciona supenso con la sección metálica de sus tarros. Deiphago es básico, oscuro, True black metal.